Cryptix Technology

How Cryptix Works?

Innovative, Seamless, Scalable

Through its robust architecture, Cryptix provides comprehensive data security that works throughout the data lifecycle and within an organisations existing data sharing infrastructure and enterprise applications. The framework not only employs strong encryption and multi-factor authentication functionality, but leverages Cryptix’s data mapping engine. Additionally, Cryptix makes data security easy to use and readily adoptable by employees, suppliers, partners and customers with limited change management.


Create + Business Rules

Information workers can set business rules based on the data type and sensitivity manually by the data owner or automatically in accordance with internal organisational policies. Interaction with the desktop and line of business applications makes creating secure wrappers seamless to the end user.


Encrypt + Send + Notify

Cryptix encrypts the secure wrapper locally, with the associated business rules encapsulated as a secure object. The Cryptix notification server generates a link to the intended recipient/s and is delivered to the recipient via email or SMS.

The creator receives an email notification that the secure wrapper was created and distributed. This notification can be added to a workflow or business process as confirmation that information has been sent.


Store + Control

Cryptix stores the created secure objects as individual encapsulated files and controls access to the objects through the associated business rules and pre-set access control permissions. All file access and usage is logged and available to the creator owner and the enterprise through the desktop client or web based administration interface.


Access + Assurance

Only valid recipients can access a secure object based on the pre-set assurance levels associated with the secure object.

If an unauthorised recipient tries to open the object, Cryptix will deny decryption and log the illicit attempt details. The creator can also dynamically modify recipients and permissions, and can do so directly.

A creator at any stage may change or revoke all permissions and block any decryption attempts.