About Us

Datasec Solutions is a cyber security software company based in Melbourne, Australia.

We develop, implement and support cyber security and information management end-point solutions that solve critical security and compliance issues when organisations transmit private or business sensitive information. 

We do this by interfacing directly with an organisation’s existing information management systems and line of business applications to provide a ‘bridge’ to essential security systems and platforms for data that is transmitted via email, FTP, ‘Bring Your Own Devices’ (‘BYOD’) such as smart phones, iPads, etc, or during collaboration with third party organisations that use different systems and applications, and the Cloud.

Datasec Solutions, flagship product "Cryptix" enables simple deployment by organisations with minimal change management to secure an organisation’s vulnerable digital assets.

Most importantly, Cryptix enables organisations to secure data without replacing or losing functionality from existing systems (i.e. for compliance, collaboration or audit purposes, etc.).